09 March, 2009

Where has time gone?

Wow, it's almost mid-march. And here I am hoping to go see Caesar before the Ides are upon us (ha, lovely, Julius Caesar is playing here, with some of my favourite local actors up until exactly the ides...). At any rate, I don't know where time has gone. I passed my thesis defense, ran into a mad scramble of editing and printing and submitting before the submission deadline not two and a half days later, and then got hired a week and a half post-defense on a six week contract... of which I am now smack in the middle. And it's going, and I'm... writing a paper. deja vu.

I don't know what's happened to time. I feel like I have time, and then suddenly three days have passed and I have no socks or underwear to speak of, nor time to do laundry. I am sleepy and still wanting to hibernate, much like that poor, reluctant Punxatawney Phil. Alas, I am no "groundhog" and instead of hibernation, I have to pay bills... so work! On a cool contract, and with some fun people and great subject matter. Who'd've guessed I could possibly ever contribute to a report on national biodiversity? awesome!

But anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is to show that I have taken all of three photos in February. And NONE in March so far. NONE! Okay, so I took more than three in February, but there were only three subjects, and I don't like most of them, so it ends up being three photos. They show you a bit of what I was up to, but not much, to be honest. Basically it says I took time to look at the sky at least once, and then there was a lot of cake. Lots and lots of cake. Seriously. Just look:

moon square
Early February gave us a lovely full moon, that showed itself before sunset. ... which is nice. I like looking at the moon on the background of a periwinkle sky...

And then cake:
roy cake square
For my boyfriend's birthday. He said he liked chocolate zucchini cake, and since it's MY FAVOURITE, who am I to refuse? :)

sklaarbog square
The weirdest cake ever, for my roommate. The roomies conspired to make an enormous ginger spice cake and I was in charge of turning it into an insect... hence sklaarbog, the cake. (or pill bug, for those of you who don't know of the IKEA plus toy...) He has shoestring licorice antennae and feelers, and candied ginger eyes. And there is enough cream cheese icing there to probably cause a diabetic coma if you aren't careful!

But seriously, that's it. Three lousy pictures. And March, so far: NONE. I have to do something about that... namely do something worthy of photographing, or be outside when it is worthy of photography (which is difficult with an office job, let me tell you!). *sigh* I never realised how nice it was to have the flexibility of grad student life! hahaha, except the pay stunk and the hours were horrible... And, to be honest, on this contract, I can work when and wherever I want, so long as the work is done on time. So who am I to complain? I just have to WORK!

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