16 February, 2009

totally coveting

so... I went to IKEA last weekend with two of my friends who REALLY wanted to deck out their places in high style. Or, more to the point, they needed things like picture frames, a chest of drawers and curtains, and I was the car driver with trunk space to spare. So... we went. And I bought stuff too, of course, because who goes to IKEA and doesn't buy anything, really?

I bought plates that are "decidedly 70's" according to everyone, but they go so perfectly with the decidedly 1970s green-flower-trimmed white corelle dishes I already owned (and are ubiquitous in all the thrift stores), so how could I resist, really? ... add to that the fact that my FAVOURITE colour in the whole world is just about exactly that colour and it was a surprise I left with only 8 mid-sized plates and one big serving bowl!

The ubiquitous olive-flowered "crazy daisy" Corelle dishes...
and my new IKEA Trivsam plate

The things I really intended to purchase: a knife sharpener and a bedspread, I had significantly less luck with, but I eventually did find a knife sharpener, and the bedspreads, well... I'm torn. I bought one and took it back. It was too bland, and disappointing in its coarseness. The one I truly covet is just a little too expensive and doesn't go with anything else I own (most particularly the bed sheets that it MUST go with, because I am not buying any more bed sheets for a very long time!), but it is oh so gorgeous. ... so I am left with nothing, and feeling the absence a little too much I must say. I did, however, score some rather impressively outrageous fabric, though. ... which I intend to make into pillows.

The duvet cover I want, but will likely never own due to price and colour compatibility ("Andrea Satin")

IKEA's Saralisa fabric, aka my new pillow covers.

And, in my search for the care instructions (online IKEA wandering = temptation beyond all reason) for washing said outrageous fabric, I came across this and now really want to make it into a bedspread... why didn't I think of THAT when I was in the store running my hands across it adoringly?

the newly coveted fabric:

the bizarrely named Stokholm Blad. Seriously, I think this is love. Line drawings of leaves?? How could I NOT buy this? And it's only $7/m, and 150m wide, which will end up being less than my muchly coveted $70 gorgeous purple duvet cover non-matching pre-made option.

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