19 January, 2009

I should just never talk

So, I was watching this:

and thought it would be great to post it on my facebook page... So I did, saying something along the lines of "thankfully I don't have computer problems, but I do still feel like 'whoopa whoopa whoopa whoopa' right now." And lo and behold... with two days until I practice-present my exit seminar (1/2 hour presentation on my WHOLE THESIS) to my lab group, and one week and two days until my actual official thesis defense, my laptop power cord has decided to make strange noises and produce excessive amounts of heat (versus normal).

So... PANIC! I am now off to see if London Drugs stocks a reasonable facsimile for me to use in the interim while I contact (*ahem* find) warranty people, and finish my thesis... 9 days... AAAAA!

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