11 January, 2009

the Week of Colour: blue monday

I am participating in a lovely idea courtesy of Leya of Curious Bird. I've always admired her visual sense, and her crafty abilities, and finally decided to join in on the fun. She has kick-started a week of colour. And since I'm trying not to dissolve into a giant puddle of thesis-related paranoia, I thought I'd play along and try to keep a sense of creativity amidst the otherwise crazy and overly systematic thesis finalization process. I've set myself a goal of three photos per colour/theme per day. We shall see if I actually manage to make that work!


So, the whole shebang starts off with blue Monday. And, to be honest, I kind-of left the blue to the last minute. I wasn't thinking about it. Blue is just too easy for me. Everything is blue. My drawers, my clothes, my socks, my storage bins... but none of that is creative or fun. And none of that is conducive to nice photography. Plus, let's be honest, who wants to see a stack of blue jeans or a really pill-y navy blanket that I love to death but... well... love doesn't translate into good photos! So, I only have two photos today. I'm already falling short of my goal, aaa! hahaha! But I'll make up for it. Just wait 'til after the photos.

1 blue monday
an enameled blue necklace from Burlap Sac that I bought at the folk fest this summer and still can't decide if I'm keeping or giving away.

2 blue monday
and my blue Swatch. I didn't realise that the "S" in Swatch stood for "Second" instead of Swiss... I guess I need to have another watch then, eh? ;) As my most pricey (and longest-lasting for the amount of work it goes through) souvenir from my solo European adventures, it's been good to me for 3 full years now, only one battery change required, and I wear it every day. ... and I'm not nice to my watches!

Conveniently, Leya chose Monday to be blue, and, well, there's this lovely Jeremy Fisher song called Goodbye Blue Monday (this is just a sneak peak .wma link), but it takes Youtube a long time to load it and it's slightly fuzzy-sounding, so if that fails, check out Cigarette instead! I wish they had Goodbye Blue Monday in full, it's a great song.

Goodbye Blue Monday:

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