14 January, 2009

Week of Colour: yellow wednesday

Ironically (?) enough, last night, totally unrelated to any photos of yellow, I got Yellow Submarine stuck in my head as I waited for the pedestrian crossing light to turn in my favour and let me run home in the cold. It kept me in motion, so as I didn't get too cold, but boy, I must have seemed strange standing in the dark at 6pm humming "we all live in a yellow submarine!"

Anyway, today is yellow. I have three photos. I'm glad I planned the colour excursion in advance a little and found images for this on Sunday (for most of the colours, really). And I say I'm glad because I haven't had the time of late, and the lighting is quite disappointing. With the sun rising at 8:20am and setting at 4:40pm, there just isn't enough time, and it's so grey with all the snow we've been getting... When the clouds are thinner, the light is marvelous, but right now, it's a little dim.

So, photos:
6 yellow wednesday
I'm making a baby hat for a little one who is due this week (I should really get on that, wow!). It's nice to be knitting again, after such a long hiatus. You'd be surprised how much a thesis sucks your time away! (and then not having tv makes it hard to find idle hand time for knitting, too!)

7.1 yellow wednesday
I have a bendable giraffe that I've had since I was a little kid. Bendable toys are great (and I think highly underrated as toys). This guy has followed me ever since childhood, hanging out on boom box antennae, and various lamps. He's now on a lamp by my desk.

8 yellow wednesday
The Wild Rose Brewery is a local brewing company (well, ok, so our civic rivals, but whatever). They have really neat-looking bottle caps, like their logo is made out of neon light tubing... and just enough yellow to be legitimate! They also have creative beer names like Velvet Fog, and Wraspberry Ale.

Alright, there you have it, happy Wednesday everyone! Colour week has been fun, and I've absolutely loved looking at everyone's photos. I can't wait until Friday comes for all the plaid and stripes... it'll be like we're in Spaceballs... that whole sequence where they hit warp speed, then yellow, etc. and eventually Plaid!


Anonymous said...

That giraffe is fantastic! I had one of those. I love how you went around taking red photos like you mentioned on my blog! I did that with green! I couldn't believe it when I checked the list and green wasn't there, I could have sworn it was!

Switz-Art said...

oooh, i love your photos!

happy wednesday!