17 January, 2009

week of colour: consolation red day!

yeah, there really is no such thing, but I took too many photos of red things to not post them. Or at least some of them... Today is the kind of day that lends itself to photo-scavenger hunts, but unfortunately, after getting home from the farmers' market and lunch, I don't have time for that any more, I must work! So, it's consolation red day for two reasons: that I took so many red photos, and that I'd MUCH rather be out wandering about taking more photos than inside working on my exit seminar.

At any rate, I loved the opportunity to focus on detail, and start noticing things more. I shall do my best to continue that trend in the future. I just about always put my camera away over the winter, because a) so much of it is dark, and b) so much of it is indoors that I forget to take photos entirely. The week of colour, however, reminded me that there IS a lot to see, even in the neglected indoor places of my life.


Edwards Coffee 1
coffee can on my book shelf, holding random stuff.
Red Leather Books
red books from a whole series of literature classics my grandparents used to own
red chair
a chair-so-uncomfortable-you-can't-fall-asleep-in-it at the campus library
said library
Mazankowski heart centre
the appropriately red heart institute (and a yield sign)
Christian Icicles 4
icicles on the eaves of a local church

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