16 January, 2009

week of colour: plaid/stripe friday

Okay... I slept in. It wasn't intentional, and, in all honesty, I didn't *actually* sleep in, I just didn't get going until WAY later than intended. This week has been both a flurry of activity, and a slow daze for me. I submitted my thesis to my committee, settled on a defense date, and have been trying to (now) convince myself that I need to make my exit seminar presentation... because I have to give a practice presentation of it on the 21st next week... one week from d-day, which is then two days from thesis deadline for the grand faculty of graduate studies and research. Either I get it all done and submitted on the watermarked 50% cotton paper by the 30th of January, or I fork over an extra $1400 in tuition. D-day approaches! aaa! And yet what have I done today? Printed off a copy of my thesis for faculty approval (of formatting only), and that's about it! Oh, I had a divine half-cinnamon bun and fruit salad brunch with my lovely boyfriend, and I got caught up on the grad student gossip. Yep that sums up my day.

Were it not for the Week of Colour, I'd probably be getting less done! And I have to say, I'm loving noticing things. It is absolutely marvelous that I am now wandering around taking note of things like the fantastic striped corduroy trousers I saw one woman wearing this morning as my guy and I walked to our brunch restaurant. I still say I need a consolation red day though. Despite not particularly loving the colour red, I totally thought Leya had posted red in her list of days over at Curious Bird, where all the other gorgeous blogs are linked (go check 'em out!). Alas, I was wrong, hence my lacking of blue on Monday. So maybe red will be getting a consolation Saturday post 'cause I took so much of it.

In the meantime, my three stripe/plaid photos!

12 plaid stripe friday
My grandparents' plaid wool/mohair blanket from Scotland... which I now love, but used to hate 'cause it's so darned itchy! It makes a perfectly delightful warm lap blanket for sitting on the couch, or a shoulder cover for reading in bed.

13 plaid stripe friday
My grandfather's old hankies came in all sorts of polka dots and plaids. These were two that were going to get lumped in to the red photo day. But hey, plaid works! There's also a red and green and a blue and red plaid hankie to match the yellow and red one here. My grandparents had awesome hankies, I may have to post more photos of them later. Who knew you could get souvenir handkerchiefs?

14 plaidstripe friday
As it turns out, this is the homage to grandparents day for me in the Week of Colour. This is the table cloth where I'm living. My roommate's master-weaver grandmother made it for him. It is gorgeous, and we show our love and appreciation for it by spilling milk on it, and dropping bread crumbs and various and sundry vegetable bits.

As an aside, I have completely confused my boyfriend with this week. He has access to (and regularly checks out) my flickr pages, but he doesn't know about my blog just yet. So he's looking at this week's photo uploads with quite the quizzically-raised eyebrow. I don't know what exactly to say, other than to laugh at his confusion. I'm so mean!

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