15 January, 2009

Week of Colour: pink thursday

I used to despise pink. Being the only girl in a family of boys (with a grandma and aunt who loved all things girly) meant that I got all kinds of pink stuff regardless of how loudly (or often) I railed against it. eventually they caught on, but it took years, and I think my parents had a large role in communicating my distaste for pink to others. Then... since the end of my undergrad, I somehow magically turned back towards pink. Granted, not baby pink, but serious raspberry and deep stain-your-lips cherry. It's in my clothes much more than I ever anticipated, and I'll find pieces of it in other things too. It's amazing what happens over time!

Anyway, none of my photos for pink thursday are clothing, but I thought it was funny all the same. Severe hatred of pink to actual enjoyment (if not seeking out) of the colour.

9 pink thursday
My grandma embroidered table cloths for my aunt, my mom and herself. The corners are coated in ornate roses like this. Elsewhere are curlicues of gold filligree, or french knots of tiny white flowers. It's beautiful handiwork. (even if my flash was a little intense!)

10 pink thursday
Anyone else remember this game? Hungry Hungry Hippos was a blast when I was 5, but now... it's too darn noisy. Even if the kids playing it are just loving it. What happened? When did I get old? hahaha! I didn't think 26 was old enough for "Be quiet! Stop making that racket!"

11 pink thursday
Winter sunrises are ALWAYS gorgeous. And I think part of that might very well have to do with the fact that I'm awake for them! 8:30am is most definitely an easy time for me to catch a sunrise. (Granted right now I'm just as likely to still be in bed, too, but whatever, at least I don't feel like the sun has been up for HOURS!)


Jenna said...

I share you love of winter sunrises/sunsets - this one's very pretty, quiet, wintry.

Switz-Art said...

Hungry Hippos! Oh, I loved that game! Thanks for the trip back in time!

I also want to thank you for the comment on my pink post...kudos to your mum on year 5! That is fantastic news! I am a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness and was very fortunate to volunteer for the CIBC Run for the Cure in Burlington last October. Very surreal.

Great photos over the week...I have thoroughly enjoyed them!

Soon, Then said...

How funny... I have a similar shot of the game that I took this summer!
Glad I wasn't the only one confused on color week! Nice photos!