13 January, 2009

the Week of Colour: purple tuesday

There's no purple tuesday song... Ruby Tuesday, yes, but not purple... alas, photos only. And today I had a difficult time. I have two with designs for a third coming later (I hope!). So, without further ado, (preambles take time, and I have to head to the dentist soon!), my two purple photos. The third photo ought to appear mid-way through the day.

3 purple tuesday
My mother's amethyst ring, which she gave to me years ago, saying she never wore it, and that it was bent anyway... And then I wore it to Ukrainian Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle's place last Wednesday and my mom had no idea it had ever been hers! *sigh* mothers! hahaha!

4 purple tuesday
Yarn! I haven't bought yarn in a while, and then I went to my LYS and browsed, and found myself coming back to this purple thinking "this is exactly what I need." I don't really like purple, you have to understand, but I have a winter jacket that is 100% purple (on sale, really warm, things just sort-of happen sometimes), and ever since I got it, I've been trying to reconcile my lack of purple love through knitting things that compromise: a little purple, a lot of brown and green... that's my goal with this yarn. I'm thinking a triple-strand loose-knit (these are GarnStudio skeins, just shy of sock-weight, so I can do it!) on big needles. Not only would it be warm, but I think the colour combination would be great! Or maybe I'm misguided... I'll post the rest of the yarn some time after colour week, if you really think it's heinous, let me know!

Photo number 3 will come later today!
photo 3:
5 purple tuesday
no, I wasn't planning to take a photo of a toothbrush today, but, seriously... how fortuitous is this? I was on my way to the dentist, having forgotten to brush my teeth this morning, and so I bought a new toothbrush and scrubbed away in the parking lot... taking a photo before defiling my new purple find. And no, I didn't dig through the racks to find a purple one. I was actually planning on taking a picture of my mittens, but meh... toothbrush will do just fine!


Pixie said...

Your mom story cracked me up! My mom insists that I've not told her my flight info home for May. I have and I have the email to prove it, but that doesn't matter. She's always right... So, I'll just send her the info AGAIN.

fallen tree said...

hahaha! I love it! Mothers are hilarious for stuff like this. My mom was literally astounded: "that's a really nice ring, when did you get it?" And then even more confused when I told her. I think she'd remembered something by the end of the evening, but it's hard to tell. On the whole, I believe she was mostly baffled by the idea that *I* was wearing *nice* jewelry!